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Welcome to Gemnine Marketing, Pakistan’s premier real estate agency. With years of exceptional service, we’re your trusted partner in real estate.

Our dedicated team markets Pakistan’s top housing societies, offering unmatched investment opportunities. Our mission is clear: to create a brighter world.

Our certified professionals guide you in buying or selling property, ensuring informed decisions. With us, your investments are destined for success.

Choose Gemnine Marketing for a journey through excellence in real estate. Your dreams, our commitment.

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Professional Team

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-- Why Choose Gemnine Marketing --

Analysis, Solutions, Results!

We specialize in Investment Consultancy, Real Estate Marketing, Sales, and Property Analysis, ensuring your success.

Gemnine Marketing soloutions

We Offer Top Solutions!

At Gemnine Marketing, we offer a variety of solutions to optimize your real estate investment. Our experts provide valuable advice for property purchase and development in cities like Islamabad and Lahore.

Gemnine Marketing Investment

Your Investment, Our Expertise!

Gemnine Marketing's experienced team is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions that enhance profits and reduce investment risks in real estate. Elevate your investments with us today!

Gemnine Marketing Support

We're Here to Assist You!

Gemnine Marketing experts specialize in simplifying your property investment experience. Whether buying, selling, or seeking homes, land, or investments, trust us for a seamless journey. Unlock your property potential with us.

Gemnine Marketing

Let Us Guide Your Investment Journey!

Investing often comes with questions. Get answers by filling out our form, and we’ll assist you promptly!

Authorized Societies of Pakistan

Authorized Society?

Is this Housing society Government Approved?

Budget Friendly Options


Can I get a property under my savings reach ?

Accessible Location?

Accessible Location?

Is the Location Premium & Accessible?

Development Pace

Development Pace?

Can this Housing society be able to complete in time ?

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What We Offer?

In the modern age, Gemnine Marketing offers reliability and authenticity as key benefits.

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Smart Investments, Made Easy!

Gemnine Marketing helps you invest with confidence. We have safe choices in Islamabad, whether you want a business or home. Our team makes sure you make a smart choice.

Use our easy website to look at options and get help anytime. We also have flexible ways to pay for your investment. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll find you a good price and help with paperwork.


We're Here to Boost Your Property's Value!

At Gemnine Marketing we prioritize trust and satisfaction. Our properties are legal and state-approved, guaranteeing a reliable process. Whether it’s a small shop or a large mall, we’re experts, especially in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Our goal is simple: to swiftly market your property using modern tools, boosting your earnings. Count on us to deliver on our promises and make your property journey smooth.

Gemnine Marketing Buying
Gemnine Marketing


Our Modern Real Estate Ally!

We’re changing how real estate works in Pakistan using the latest online marketing. We keep up with what works, from social media to traditional methods. We help people find and sell properties in Islamabad, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or developer.

Choose Gemnine Marketing for a modern, reliable, and competitive edge in the real estate market.

Asset / Wealth Management

Simplifying Wealth Management!

We’re here to help you manage your money wisely. Your assets are important to us, and we want to make sure they grow. Our team can guide you on where to invest for the best returns, whether it’s for the short or long term.

At GemNine Marketing, our experts help manage your assets and minimize risks. You can also hire a specialist team to ensure your investments are on the right track.

Gemnine Marketing Asset / Wealth Management
Gemnine Marketing Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis

Smart Property Advice, Made Easy!

Investing in property is a big step, and we’re here to make it simple. Our experienced team helps you find the right property in Islamabad, whether it’s for business or personal use. We provide trustworthy consultants who understand the market and area well.

We provide on-site and virtual inspections, a user-friendly website with all the info you need, and 24/7 customer support.

-- Team --

Our Professional Team

Finding Joy in Your Work Leads to Excellence

Hamayun Ali

Hamayun Ali


Dilawar Hussain

Dilawar Hussain


Junaid Qureshi

Junaid Qureshi


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