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Pearl Heights Latest Payment Plans

Pearl Heights Latest Payment Plans

Imagine living in a beautiful and comfortable place with amazing views. We’re here to talk about Pearl Heights latest payment plans. It’s located in the lively downtown area of Park View City, offering not just a home but also shops and offices and a peaceful retreat with style and comfort. Let’s explore this fantastic place together!

Location: Nearby and Easy to Reach

Pearl Heights, a fantastic project by Pearl Marketing, is placed right at the center of Park View City. It’s not just a building; it’s a comfy and fancy place. It gives you quick access to everything you need and has amazing views of the city.

Living in Pearl Heights is like taking a break from the noisy city. It’s surrounded by the beauty of Park View City, making it a calm and peaceful place.

Pearl Heights cares about making your life easy. Since it’s in a great spot, you can easily reach things like restaurants, malls, hospitals, and schools. That means you save time and don’t have to work hard to get what you need.

And oh, the views from Pearl Heights are incredible! Imagine waking up and seeing the whole city from your window, with all the lights and tall buildings. It makes your everyday life feel special and amazing.

Pearl Heights Location Map

Pearl Heights Location & Map

Near Main Features

Nestled in the lively part of Park View City, Pearl Heights is in a great spot with everything you need close by. You’ll have access to lively markets, cozy cafes, and delicious restaurants, making sure there’s always something fun to do.

For families with kids, good schools are nearby. And if someone needs medical help, there are reliable hospitals and clinics nearby.

When it comes to food, you have plenty of choices. Whether you like local food or fancy restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every craving. And if you enjoy shopping, big malls and stores with all your favorite brands are just around the corner.

Living in Pearl Heights gives you the best of both worlds – the lively city atmosphere and the comfort of a well-planned community. Everything you need is right there, making life at Pearl Heights in Park View City Islamabad convenient and enjoyable.

Pearl Heights Latest Payment Plans

Explore the latest payment plans for Pearl Heights. We’ve designed flexible options to make your dream home at Pearl Heights more accessible. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our plans cater to various budgets and preferences. Check out our updated payment options and start your journey to your new home at Pearl Heights. Your dream lifestyle is now within reach!

Pearl Heights Shopes Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Shopes Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Offices Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Offices Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Apartments Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Apartments Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Penthouses Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Penthouses Payment Plan

Imagine living just a short 15-minute drive from the Zero Point Interchange and around 35 minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport. This not only provides convenience for air travelers but also showcases the strategic positioning of Pearl Heights.

The well-designed road network seamlessly connects Park View City Islamabad to the entire city, ensuring effortless commuting for all residents. Positioned opposite Bahria Enclave, it’s a mere 15-minute drive from Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, and just a 1-minute stroll to the lush green botanical garden.

Located 8 km away from Chak Shahzad via Park Road and the Kuri Road through the route from Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Highway, accessibility to Pearl Heights is both convenient and well-connected.

Park View City Islamabad is easily accessible via the main Jinnah Avenue from Malot Road or the 200 feet wide main access road, directly connected to the society from Kurri Road by CDA.

Gate 1 Convenience

Are you tired of navigating through heavy city traffic? Say goodbye to frustrating queues! Pearl Heights is a quick 30-second drive from Gate 1, ensuring a convenient and time-efficient living experience.

Why Choose Pearl Heights?

  1. Top-Notch Security: Your safety is our top priority at Pearl Heights. The developer has implemented state-of-the-art surveillance systems, trained security personnel, and fire safety measures to ensure a secure living environment.
  2. 24/7 Electricity and Gas Supply: Enjoy uninterrupted living with continuous electricity and gas supply. No more worries about power outages or gas shortages because it’s in downtown Park View City Islamabad so live a hassle-free life.
  3. Health and Recreational Facilities: Nestled in a convenient location, Pearl Heights is surrounded by various health and recreational facilities. Access top-notch medical care at nearby healthcare centers and clinics. Enjoy parks, gyms, and sports facilities for recreational activities.
  4. Proximity to Prime Locations: Benefit from the strategic location of Pearl Heights with quick access to downtown, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centers, and the city center. Everything you need is within reach.
  5. Investment Potential: Beyond being a residence, Pearl Heights presents an excellent investment opportunity. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and the trusted name of Pearl Marketing, property value is expected to grow significantly.

Prominent Features:

  • Indoor and outdoor parking spaces
  • After-sales services
  • Maintenance services
  • Store room & servant quarter in 3 & 4 apartments
  • Spacious lounging areas in 3 & 4-bedroom apartments
  • Duplex apartments with single and double entrances
  • Unique and vibrant residential units


  • Reception
  • Fitness center
  • Cafe and juice bars
  • Eateries & Bakery
  • Lifts
  • Laundry room
  • Community center
  • Spacious interiors
  • Health club
  • Security and fire alarms
  • Sauna room and swimming pools
  • Back-up generators for power outages

Pros & Cons of Investing in Pearl Heights

Reasonable PricesMarket fluctuations
Prime Location
A 15-minute drive from Serena
Parking facility
Luxurious living
Forever hills view

How to Book Your Dream Home at Pearl Heights?

Booking your dream home at Pearl Heights is a straightforward process. Prospective buyers can easily navigate through the following options:

  1. Visit Online: Explore our official website at Gemnine Marketing. All the information you need is just a click away.
  2. Contact Us: Reach out to us through our dedicated contact number. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries.
  3. Blue Area Office: You can also visit our office located in the blue area of Islamabad for a personalized consultation.

Choose the option from Pearl Heights latest payment plans that suit you best, and let us guide you on the exciting journey to owning your dream home at Pearl Heights.


Pearl Heights is more than a residential project; it’s a lifestyle crafted for those seeking luxury, convenience, and serenity. It is a testament to developer’s dedication to delivering an exceptional urban living experience, boasting a strategic location, ready-to-move-in structures, and an array of amenities. If you desire a community that not only accommodates life but celebrates it, Pearl Heights is your perfect destination.

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