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Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad

Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad

Have you heard about Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad? It’s a standout among housing societies in Islamabad. Let’s take a closer look at this valued gem in Islamabad’s real estate market and decide whether to invest or not.

Introduction to Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad

The Park View City Overseas Block in Islamabad is a prestigious development located near Malot Road within Park View City Islamabad. Developed by Vision Group, it’s situated in Zone IV next to Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala.

This block is specifically designed for Overseas Pakistanis, offering affordable residential and commercial plots in various sizes with flexible payment plans. Living here promises a luxurious lifestyle with modern amenities and beautiful homes. It’s an excellent opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis to invest in a secure and well-planned community.

Park View City Owners and Developers

Park View City Islamabad is developed by Vision Group, led by Mr. Aleem Khan, a well-known figure in politics and business. Vision Group is known for its innovative and eco-friendly approach to development, delivering top-notch projects that meet clientsโ€™ needs and elevate lifestyle standards.

Vision Group

Vision Group is a respected Pakistani real estate company focused on design innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Led by Mr. Aleem Khan, the company has completed several notable projects across Pakistan, including residential areas, corporate centers, and luxurious apartments.

Projects of Vision Group

Some key projects by Vision Group include:

  • Park View City Islamabad: A well-planned residential area with diverse housing options.
  • Park View City Lahore: Known for its prime location and excellent facilities.
  • Park View Signature Apartments Lahore: Luxurious apartments with modern amenities.
  • Park View Corporate Center Lahore: A commercial office block providing adaptable workspace solutions.
  • Gated Communities: Featuring beautiful and spacious villas with unique designs.
  • High-End Residential Towers: Offering luxurious accommodations and stunning city views.
  • Beach Resort Karachi: An exciting beach project offering a paradise getaway and business hub experience.

These projects reflect Vision Group’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, environmentally friendly developments that enhance community living standards.

Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad NOC

NOC APPROVED Housing Society

The Park View City Overseas Block in Islamabad has obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC), ensuring compliance with standards and regulations. This certification makes the Overseas Block a secure and trustworthy investment opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Location

The Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad is situated in a peaceful and scenic part of the city. It’s located along Malot Road, close to important areas like Park View City A and B block, and commercial zones. This location is great because it’s easy to reach from major roads, making it simple to get to shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and entertainment spots.

Living in the Overseas Block means you’re near famous places like the Margalla Hills, Faisal Mosque, and popular shopping and dining spots. The area combines nature’s beauty with city convenience, offering a calm atmosphere while still being close to everything.

Park View City Islamabad Map

Park View City Islamabad Location Map

Nearby Landmarks and Places

The Overseas Block of Park View City Islamabad is surrounded by various nearby places that make life convenient for residents. Here are some notable places close to the Overseas Block:

  • Bani Gala: A beautiful neighborhood known for its natural beauty and greenery.
  • Bahria Enclave: Another popular residential area with many amenities and facilities.
  • Serena Hotel, Islamabad: A luxurious 5-star hotel known for its comfort and great food, also a hub for important events.
  • Botanical Garden: A peaceful garden where you can take relaxing walks and enjoy nature.
  • Bhara Kahu: A nearby town with local markets and essential services.
  • Rawal Town: An area with homes and shops for your daily needs.
  • Chatta Bakhtawar: A small village known for its calm atmosphere.
  • Malot: A village showcasing traditional Pakistani culture.
  • Pind Bagwal: A rural settlement known for its quiet surroundings.
  • Jigyot: A village with a rich cultural heritage.
  • Chak Shahzad: A place with a mix of homes and shops.
  • Khana Pul: A bridge and a famous stop that helps connect different parts of Islamabad.
  • Shahzad Town: A neighborhood with various amenities.
  • Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences, and Technology (FUUAST): A well-known university offering different academic programs.
  • Lake View Park, Islamabad: A popular park where you can relax and enjoy nature.
  • Rawal Dam: A reservoir with beautiful views and water activities.

These nearby places make living in the Overseas Block of Park View City Islamabad more convenient and enjoyable for residents.

Accessibility to Park View City Overseas Block

Getting to the Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad is straightforward:

  • It’s located on Malot Road.
  • It’s a short 5-minute drive from Simly Road.
  • Just about 14 minutes by car from Kuri Road.
  • Approximately 19 minutes away by car from Lehtrar Road.
  • Around a 20-minute drive from Murree Road.
  • About 22 minutes by car from Taramari Chowk.
  • Only 15 minutes by car from Rawal Chowk.
  • Around 29 minutes away from Faizabad Interchange by car.
  • Approximately 30 minutes by car from Zero Point Interchange.

Master Plan of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad Master Plan

Park View City Islamabad is a large development covering nearly 12,000 Kanal of land, most of which is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The master plan was designed by a team of expert architects, designers, and engineers to ensure an organized layout. The city is divided into different blocks for efficient management and development.

Park View City Islamabad All Blocks

Park View City Islamabad is a large and diverse community offering various blocks with residential and commercial options. Here are the main blocks within the development:

  • Park View City Islamabad A Block
  • Park View City Islamabad B Block
  • Park View City Islamabad C Block
  • Park View City Islamabad D Block
  • Park View City Islamabad E Block
  • Park View City Islamabad F Block
  • Park View City Islamabad H Block
  • Park View City Islamabad J Block
  • Park View City Hills Estate Block
  • Park View City Golf Estate Block
  • Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block
  • Park View City Islamabad Terrace Apartment
  • Park View City Islamabad Downtown Commercial Block
  • Park View City Islamabad The Walk

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Plot for Sale

The Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad has different types of plots for sale at good prices. They offer various sizes of plots for both residential and commercial purposes. This gives buyers the flexibility to choose the plot size that fits their needs and preferences. If you’re considering investing in property or building a home, the Overseas Block has a range of options to choose from.

Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad Residential Plots

The Overseas Block in Park View City is a great place to buy residential or commercial plots. These plots come in different sizes to fit your needs:

  • 5 Marla Residential Plots
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots

You can choose the plot size that works best for you and your budget. The Overseas Block offers flexibility and options for those looking to invest in or build their dream home in this community.

Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad Commercial Plots

Park View City Overseas Block Commercial Plots Payment Plan:

PVC Overseas Block Commercial Plots are only available in 5 Marla.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Residential Plots Payment Plan

Park View City Overseas Block Residential Plots Payment Plan:

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Salient Features

The Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad offers these key features:

  • Great Location: Located in a prime area and approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
  • Secure Community: Well-gated with 24/7 security measures in place.
  • Modern Utilities: Underground systems for electricity, gas, and water.
  • Efficient Sewerage: Proper disposal stations for sewage.
  • Water Storage: Both underground and overhead water tanks for consistent supply.
  • Community Amenities: Includes schools, hospitals, mosques, downtown area, shopping mall, food court, filling station, community center, parks, and playgrounds.
  • Beautiful Landscaping: Well-planned plantation and landscaping throughout the area.
  • Main Boulevard: A grand 200-feet wide boulevard running through the block.

These features ensure a comfortable and convenient living experience for residents of the Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Amenities

Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad

The Overseas Block in Park View City Islamabad offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient living experience for its residents:

  • Infrastructure and Utilities: Well-planned roads ensure smooth traffic flow, along with reliable electricity, water supply, gas, and an efficient sewerage system.
  • Security Measures: Advanced security systems like surveillance cameras, security personnel, and gated access points ensure residents’ safety and peace of mind.
  • Recreational Spaces: Green spaces, parks, and playgrounds provide areas for relaxation, outdoor activities, and quality family time, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Educational Institutions: Reputable schools within the block offer convenient access to quality education for residents’ children, saving commuting time and providing a conducive learning environment.
  • Health Facilities: Nearby healthcare facilities offer convenient medical services, including routine check-ups and specialized treatments, ensuring residents’ well-being.
  • Commercial Areas: Designated commercial areas house retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses, enhancing convenience and community vibrancy.
  • Mosques: The block features mosques for residents’ religious needs and community gatherings.
  • Community Centers: Meeting places for social and cultural activities foster social interactions, neighborhood engagement, and a sense of belonging.
  • Sports Facilities: Sports amenities like jogging tracks, sports courts, and fitness centers encourage residents to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Scenic Views: Situated in a beautiful location with stunning natural surroundings and landscapes, the Overseas Block enhances residents’ quality of life with a comfortable and enriching living experience within a vibrant community.

Development Progress of Park View City Islamabad’s Overseas Block

The development of Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block is making steady moves, achieving significant milestones along the way. This area is continuously evolving with construction and infrastructure enhancements aimed at creating a superior living environment. Here’s an update on the current status of the Overseas Block:

Infrastructure Development

Efforts are underway to meticulously plan and execute the infrastructure in the Overseas Block. This includes building well-designed roadsโ€”both main arteries and internal streetsโ€”to ensure smooth traffic flow and convenient access within the block. The layout has been thoughtfully designed to optimize space usage, providing residents with a comfortable living environment.

Utility Services

Priority is given to establishing reliable utility connections, such as electricity, water, gas, and sewage systems, to meet residents’ needs and ensure a pleasant living experience.

Amenities and Facilities

Construction of amenities and facilities is underway to enhance the overall living experience. Recreational spaces, parks, playgrounds, and green areas are being developed to provide opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and social interaction. The block will also feature mosques, schools, hospitals, and commercial establishments to cater to various needs.

Landscaping and Beautification

Efforts are being made to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Overseas Block through landscaping and beautification. This includes the development of lush greenery, tree-lined streets, and well-maintained landscapes to create an enjoyable and visually appealing environment.

Security Measures

Advanced security systems and measures are being implemented, including surveillance cameras, gated access points, and trained security personnel to ensure the safety and security of residents.

It’s important to emphasize that the development of Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block is an ongoing process. The developer is dedicated to delivering a project that meets high-quality standards and exceeds residents’ expectations. Regular inspections, quality control measures, and adherence to timelines are being enforced to ensure timely completion.

As development progresses, the Overseas Block is expected to evolve into a vibrant neighborhood with top-notch infrastructure, a variety of amenities, and a high standard of living for its residents.

How to Apply for Park View City Overseas Block?

To apply for a plot in the Park View City Overseas Block, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Application Form: Visit the official Park View City website and download the application form from there.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Complete the application form accurately. Make sure to sign it before submission.
  3. Prepare Required Documents: Gather the following documents to submit along with your application:
    • Copy of a valid identification document (e.g., passport or national ID).
    • Proof of funds or financial statements demonstrating your ability to make the required payment.
    • Any other documents specified by the developer or mentioned in the application guidelines.
  4. Submit Your Application: Once your application form is filled out and all necessary documents are ready, submit them as per the instructions provided.

By following these steps and providing the required documents, you can apply to be a part of Park View City’s Overseas Block. This is your first step towards potentially owning a plot in this desirable location.

Pros and Cons

Convenient LocationPerception of Distance
CDA ApprovedPerception of High Prices
Easily Accessible
Availability Everyday Essentials
Great Investment Opportunities
Affordable Plots
Installment Plans
Electricity Backup

Overall, Park View City presents numerous benefits such as convenience, affordability, and safety, with some considerations about distance perception and pricing.

Why Invest in Park View City Overseas Block?

The Overseas Block in Park View City is highly esteemed as one of the finest residential areas within the Park View City Housing Society. Here are compelling reasons why investing in this block is a smart decision:

  1. Prime Location: Situated in a prime area, the Overseas Block offers easy access to essential amenities and key locations.
  2. Luxurious Lifestyle: Residents can indulge in a luxurious lifestyle with top-notch amenities and facilities.
  3. Modern Facilities: The block ensures the provision of both basic necessities and modern conveniences to meet residents’ needs.
  4. Approved NOC: The Overseas Block has obtained all necessary approvals and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from relevant authorities.
  5. Reputable Developers: Developed by dedicated and reputable builders known for their commitment to quality.
  6. Early Possession: Residents benefit from early possession, allowing them to settle in and enjoy their homes sooner.
  7. Investment Potential: The Overseas Block offers promising investment opportunities with the potential for high returns.
  8. Environmentally Conscious: Emphasis on eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainable and green living.
  9. High Security: Stringent security measures are in place to ensure residents’ safety and well-being.
  10. Flexible Payment Plan: Convenient and flexible installment plans make property ownership more accessible.

Investing in the Overseas Block of Park View City promises a blend of convenience, luxury, security, and strong investment potential. With its prime location, approved status, reputable developers, and modern amenities, it’s an attractive choice for those seeking a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.

Guidelines to Follow Before Buying a Property in PVCI Overseas Block

Before purchasing a property in Park View Cityโ€™s Overseas Block, it’s essential to follow these three important guidelines:

  1. Document Verification: Thoroughly validate all necessary property documents. Ensure the property has the required approvals and a valid No Objection Certificate (NOC) from relevant authorities. Verify the ownership documents’ authenticity to avoid potential issues in the future.
  2. Financial Evaluation: Assess your financial situation and determine your budget for buying a property in the Overseas Block. Consider your financial capabilities and available financing options. Ensure you can comfortably afford the property, including the down payment and future installments, without compromising your financial stability.
  3. Site Inspection: Conduct a detailed site inspection of the property you’re interested in. Visit the Overseas Block personally to evaluate development progress, infrastructure, amenities, and the surrounding environment. Inspect the property thoroughly to ensure it meets your location, size, layout, and quality expectations.

Following these guidelines will help ensure that the property you’re considering in Park View Cityโ€™s Overseas Block is legally compliant, fits your financial capacity, and meets your expectations in terms of quality and location.

How to Reserve a Plot in Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block?

Reserving a plot in Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Sales Office: Get in touch with the Park View City Islamabad sales office to ask about available plots and prices. You can reach them online, by email, or by phone.
  2. Choose Your Plot: Pick the plot that fits your needs, considering its size, location, and nearby amenities.
  3. Fill Out the Form: Get the application form from the sales office, either in person or online. Fill it out with your details and plot preferences.
  4. Submit Required Documents: Give the sales office any necessary documents, like a copy of your ID and proof of finances.
  5. Submit Your Application: Hand in your completed form and documents to the sales office.
  6. Make a Payment: Pay a deposit to confirm your plot reservation.
  7. Get Confirmation: Once your payment is received, youโ€™ll get confirmation of your plot reservation and a receipt.
  8. Review and Sign: Read through the sales agreement and payment schedule provided by the sales office. Sign them if you agree.
  9. Finish Payments: Pay the rest of the plot cost according to the agreed schedule.
  10. Receive Ownership: Once all payments are done, the sales office will help with the transfer of ownership.

Remember, details may vary, so itโ€™s best to check with the sales office directly for the latest information on reserving a plot in Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block.

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Residential Plots, Villas, and Apartments in Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block

In Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block, you can choose from different types of properties:

Residential Plots: These are pieces of land where you can build your own house. They come in various sizes, giving you the freedom to design your dream home with privacy and green spaces around.

Villas and Apartments: If you prefer a luxurious lifestyle without the hassle of building, you can opt for beautifully designed villas or apartments. They come with modern amenities, stylish interiors, and great views, offering a lavish living experience.

Whether you want to build your own home or move into a ready-made villa or apartment, Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block has options that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

Investment Potential in Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block

Besides being a great place to live, Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block is also a promising investment opportunity. The area has seen property values consistently increase over time, making it attractive for investors looking for long-term gains.

Moreover, the blockโ€™s excellent location and great facilities make it appealing to both local and international tenants, which means property owners can earn rental income. With the growing demand for quality housing in Islamabad, investing in the Overseas Block is a smart financial choice.


Park View City Overseas Block Islamabad is a prestigious and well-planned residential project, perfect for those interested in real estate and modern living. It offers outstanding features, excellent amenities, and promising investment potential, setting a new standard for contemporary living in Islamabad.

Whether youโ€™re looking for your dream home, an investment opportunity, or a luxurious lifestyle, the Overseas Block has something for everyone. Its prime location, great facilities, and attention to detail provide residents with comfort, convenience, and peace.

If youโ€™re seeking a remarkable residential project that combines modern living, top-notch amenities, and good investment prospects, Park View City Islamabadโ€™s Overseas Block is an excellent choice. Designed for individuals interested in real estate and contemporary living, this block offers a unique experience in Pakistanโ€™s capital city.

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